Conditions générales

1) Conditions applicables

Our General terms are applicable on all offers,orders, deliveries or oral and/or written agreements. Binding on the parties unless other written special conditions provided.

2) Utilisation frauduleuse

Any fraudulent use of texts, names and/or product descriptions and / or training and of pictures on the ROXIL’S website, will be a complaint in court and damages due to minimum 1.500,00 EUR by plagiarism or copy.

3) Livraison

Delivery times are always indicative and the delay in of delivery can’t, under any circumstances, be the result of cancellation of the order. Delivered volumes will approach as much as possible the ordered quantities, ie, standard packaging of factory. The purchaser will have to take the delivery of the delivered quantities without being able to make a claim. The capacity, the weight, dimensions and quantity of the delivered goods will enjoy of a 10% tolerance.

4) Réclamations

Any possible claims must reach us within eight days by registered mail. After this period, the goods and prices will be considered as accepted.

5) Risques sur la marchandise

The goods travel at the risk of the buyer even when they are sold ”Postage-paid. Since we have a store in ANGLEUR where you are free to come and collect your orders, the delivery remains a service which is, currently, no guarantee attached in case of loss or damage.

6) Engagement du client

The customer agrees to accept each ordered good. In case of cancellation, the seller is free to require either the acceptance and full payment of the order, or a compensation of 30 % of the amount of the invoice.

7) Défaut de fabrication

In case of manufacturing defect, our liability is limited, simply by the possible replacement of the goods. There can be no liability of our company for due to possible errors or for results from the changes of our products because we have no control on the products or on how these products have been used or processed. The user must check whether the products comply with the local legislation on goods before use. Any information on our products is confidential and may not be copied or transmitted to thirds.

8) Propriété des biens

The seller retains ownership of the goods until payment of the full principal price and accessories. In case of resale, the seller also retains the right to claim the prices of the goods held by the sub- purchaser. The ownership is deferred to the resale price. Once the goods delivered, the risks of any kind, including fortuitous event, or force majeure, and the custody of the goods are transferred to the buyer. The non-payment at the due date may lead to claim of the goods. Installments will be retained to cover potential losses on resale.

9) Vente au comptant

The sale is made in cash (at the head office) in ANGLEUR.

10) Méthode de paiement

The payment of the price by the buyer is made in cash, without discount, within a period of thirty days from the date of the invoice, unless expressly specified otherwise.

11) Non-paiement de facture

Non-payment of one invoice on its due date makes automatically the right to require the balance due on all other invoices, even outstanding bills.